Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Drains and Oceans!

So you must have heard “all drains lead to the ocean”, if you ever watched Finding Nemo. And if you didn't, well, what are you waiting for? Get your butt on the couch and watch it!

But the truth is that we don’t want the drains to lead to the ocean. I am writing an exam on the legal implications of such activity tonight! Trust me, I have learned how to sue! Since we live in Canada, you won’t probably get much money, but still, you can sue based on negligence and go for a Prohibitory Injunction in a federal court. See? I have learned big words, too! (this is only a civil suit, I think you can go criminal, too and make it even more exciting!)

Speaking of drains, I have a file here in front of me today, proposing a storm drain, passing through an oil/grit separator and an orifice tube, discharging into the local storm sewer. The beauty of this design is that the orifice plate is installed before the grit separator, at the bottom of the manhole! Very convenient for cleaning purposes, huh? (I am being ironic, just in case you have no idea what I am talking about).

Anyways, I am sure you didn’t log into my page to read about an injunction, drain and manhole. But my point is that if there is one thing that ties you, me, Nemo and the manhole together, is the “drain” and definitely not the ocean!

I love my job!


At 11:33 p.m., Blogger Farid said...

It's getting a little bit complicated. Either I am stupid or the subject is getting difficult to understand!
Kidding, though ;)
By the way, I think there are also some other things that glue these things together. Don't you think so? If you do, then why did'nt you say them? if not then I can tell them to you! Just in case!!

At 10:01 a.m., Blogger Bahar said...

Now, don't get dirty with me! :D ha ha ha

Believe me I know what you are talking about. I have been called a "shit engineer" for a long time!


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