Thursday, January 20, 2005


What do we live for? Do we live because we are alive or because we want to live?

Sometimes I think we get caught up in life so much that we forget to live and sometimes we simply forget our “reason” to live.

Just think about it for a moment. We went to elementary school to go to high school. Many of us tried our best to get into the best universities. Throughout our university education we were worried about finding a job afterwards. We finally found jobs and some of us thought it was time to get married. The ones who got married thought that it was time to get a mortgage and buy a house. They bought a house and before they knew it they were pregnant. They took a second mortgage for the kids’ private daycare and it was time to get a second job ….and the cycle continues….

Did we ever stop the vicious cycle and escape the madness? Will we ever have the courage?

Wake up one morning but don’t go to work. Don’t even call the boss to make an excuse. Pack a small bag with a sleeping bag, a camera, an apple and piece of bread. Lock the house and start walking. Take the first bus that you see and the first train that is waiting on the platform. Just breathe…

Get off the train as soon as the sun sets. Sit on the first seat that you see and watch the stars and try to imagine how long they have been watching over earth. They must know us, each and everyone of us. They must think we are crazy to run with our eyes facing the ground all our lives.

Watch the starts until you fall sleep and pack up when you wake up. Get on the first train that takes you to a beach. Walk on the beach until you see the sunset and just breathe. Listen to the waves. They must have been watching us from afar for so long and ponder when we would stop to listen what they have to say.

Walk on the deck of the first fishing boat that you see. Tell the fishermen that you are lost and need to find your path home on the sea. Work on the boat until you see the first shark fight for life.

Take the first bus to the nearest village where farmers get together over the fire after the sunset. Tell them you have lost your reason to live and you need to find it by nurturing life. Work at the barn until you get to watch the first cow give birth.

If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, take the first train toward the vineyards. Tell them you are poor and work at the vineyard until the first of bottle of wine is matured.

Look for the essence of life in your bottle of wine and go back home when you feel rich.


At 11:36 a.m., Blogger Farid said...

Hmmmm, How does it sound like?

Wake up in a morning, you do not need to pack, just go. Go to the poorest part of the city. Look at everyone, look at the shine on those crazy diamonds. Notice the way that they look at you.

Take the first train to the senate where they decide for the people, where they make the people to behave in a way that they like and where they enforce the people to go to the paradise.

Go to a court this time and watch them. just look how they execute, how they define the law and how they command the people.

There are some predefined goals in everybody's mind based on their beliefs and their facts. There is no logical interpretation for those goals. However when somebody chooses a goal, he will look for something to validate it and he may find a different scenario which makes the goal to look logical.

The way that I look at the world may not be suitable for my friend. The way that I validate my goals, may just look crazy for at least a fraction of the people.

Everything is right but not for everybody.

At 4:40 a.m., Blogger Jackal said...

Wake up one morning from an all night dream about how you had progressed in your position or maganed yourself to get head-hunted with a fantastic package; take a quick shower with Radio 1 on the loudest level; reading celeb gossip on the free underground tabloid; sipping your coffee while staring down the window of your 26th floor office; have an indian for the friday lunch;

... AND feel fine about it.

and wonder why should one want to give up all that has worked very hard to achieve and simply walk away from the security and support of his loved ones; wonder if just one day he'd wake up, pack up a sleeping bag, a loaf of bread and an apple, take the first bus and then the first train at the station and ... would actually give more satisfaction than his daily routine life?


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