Tuesday, February 01, 2005

War, etc...

"Will they ever trust us again?"

That's the title of Michael Moore's new book. He has collected the e-mails and letters that he has received from the American soldiers in Iraq and presented them in a book. Quite dramatic, huh?

Imagine you have to shoot at a nation who didn't even start the war. Or think about how it would feel to see your friend get blown up in a foreign country, where even his family cannot attend his funeral. Imagine when you go back home after all the trauma, they treat you like the one responsible for all the Iraqi lives. Talk about getting both sides of the stick! Let's talk about "war"!

I vividly remember each and every time that I went to the theatre to watch "From Karkheh To Rein" over and over again. I also thought the "Glass Agency" was very well done.

Let's talk about "war"!

Let's talk about it so that we all agree it is a universal problem. So that we all know we are responsible for every life lost. So that we remember the nights of hiding and shivering in our concrete basements. Let's talk about "war".

Let's wake up our friends. Let's wake up the neighbours. Let's wake up all the ones who haven't understood the devastation yet. Let's wake up the world and talk about "war".

Let's knock on the doors of the volnurable. Let's tell them we are behind them and we won't keep quiet. Let's tell them their sovereignty and freedome is invauleable. Let's tell them there are people who care for every individual life and human rights. Let's talk about peace and joy. But first, let's talk about "war".

Let's make sure it doesn't happen again like it has to many nations in the past. Let's make sure this time we are awake when they want to steal the integrity, courage and innocence. Let's talk about it aloud.

Let's talk about "war".


At 5:17 p.m., Blogger Looking for treasure said...

This book is the most moving I ever read. There are letters of soldiers who just signed up to raise money for their college education and now ended up fighting in Irak. There are letters of relatives who lost their husbands and wifes, their sons and daughters. There is a letter of a teacher who writes about a former student killed in Irak and how his young wife is left completely devastated. Not fun at all, but sure worth reading.


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