Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Bachelorette

There are some TV shows that sometimes you just want to watch when your brain is exhausted and you have no appetite for more drama! Amongst these shallow but entertaining shows, I like to watch the Bachelor and the Bachelorette, usually only the last episode!

I think it’s entertaining that these people make a fool of themselves on national (and international!) TV and seriously expect to fall in love and get married in a couple of months! Last night’s episode was amongst the best! Really!

The bachelorette who was formerly engaged to Andrew Firestone on the last Bachelor show, rejected the last two standing guys and decided that she didn’t want to marry anyone she met through these shows! Well, hello! Dah!

I would like to think that you have to know someone for a few months before you begin to like them on a deeper level. I have the tendency to pick people’s brain! Sometimes I think if I were going to be on any of those shows, I would hand out a questionnaire to the guys and ask them a few amusing questions like:

Name the last 5 books that you have read lately?
What do you think was the real motive behind the invasion of Iraq?
What are the potential impacts of gay marriage on our society?
What do you think of the government’s current policies on Parental Leave?
How much do you think an individual can determine his/her own destiny and how?

This way, idealogically speaking, you can eliminate about 75% of people who are not on the same page as you! And if the remaining 25% don’t look attractive or sexy enough to you, well, congratulations, you were made for a single life! (and it ain't half bad. Trust me!)

Although, while we are still on the subject of looks, I need to express a few of my brilliant findings! A little too tall, or too short, dark or light, hairy or bald does not take away someone’s sex appeal, or the opposite. Scientists have found that the way people smell is perhaps more important. Therefore on behalf of most of the female population, I would like to ask the guys to shower once a day, wear deodorant and a nice cologne. It will pay off, I guarantee! On another note, no GARLIC! Please! Bad breath is bad! Really bad!

Once we get all the smelling issues resolved, we can move on to the next topic which is shaving! Not looking like Taleban is definitely a bonus! Also, learn to dance! There are lots of classes out there for all kinds of dances. You don’t want to be considered amusing in an unpleasant way when someone asks you for a dance. (I have been taking Salsa lessons, thanks to a good friend of mine)

Well, enough with dating advice (which I am not really qualified to offer). If you are really bored, think about the following question and let me know what you think:

Do you think the benefits of parental leave should extend to families that adopt children as a way to promote adoption?

Also by the way, read this book: Expanding the Circle. It is about racism. I will post a review on it when I get a chance to read it.


At 5:28 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never heard of parental leave?

you definitely carry alot of insight, if I were as eloquent as thou; I would continue.

On my tip; I love the United States I work and pray that it; or us find our idenitity. But to my heart's dismay, such shallownes combined with inexperience in many's hearts, combined with the impresionable mind left to the wolf of Media? MTV, American Idol, Fox, Bush etc. ( I definitely lean left!)

The hatred I hear from people's hearts. Bomb Iraq! Bomb Afghanistan! Kill Muslims! That hurts me! I am not Islamic. I was raised Catholic!


Where does an indivual's identity lie, is it with the ego, id, super id?

A man must be his own and accept the consequences of his actions, to see beyond mob mentality.

Besides my father, my hero as a child was Martin Luther King jr. I think people do not recognize the strength that the man has left behind. I never met him. Yet his speeches made me cry; and helped me through hard racist, getting jumped years. I do not believe for one second that Martin Luther King jr. thought about Countries, or Lines, Boundaries. I believe he saw people. So when I get angry, I say to myself what would Martin do?


May every bigot of every color find peace!


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