Friday, March 04, 2005

Office and Life, These Days...

Convinced myself to give up “The Kite Runner” around 2 a.m. and go to bed last night. Woke up around 7:30 instead of 5:30 and managed to get to the office right on 9 a.m. Good save, huh?

First thing in the morning I had to call the district office of Halton Hills to address their concerns over some stormwater management plan. It turns out that to satisfy all parties and also protect the environment, I have to add a similar condition that we use for landfills, to the legal instrument. Well, still have to figure out how!

Next thing you know, Robin came back with my previous reports to complain. Some site that was registered as Private/Municipal I had called Industrial (which seems to be the correct one at this point!). Another one, he thought my description was not comprehensive enough and as if these were not bad enough, I got a call from a consultant in Guelph that the only file that was almost done would have to go through a design change!

Right before lunch, a friend called from Ottawa to ask me why liberals have thrown a party! So, I gave a 10 minute lecture on the Liberal Policy Convention and the prime minister's vote of confidence, etc. I wonder what's gonna happen on Sunday. He has goofed up pretty good recenlty, especially about the Missile Defense Program and US relations. Ali is going there. Maybe I would have gone, too if it weren't too expensive.

All tangled up between the files, I forgot my appointment with Peter (my therapist) and had to make some lame excuse and apologize. So, people watch it….I am a bit psycho until I see him next!

Two files were pending upon the arrival of their engineering drawings. One sent me a faxed, black crowded copy that can not be read! The other one sent me something that looked like a 5 year old kid artwork! Great! Have to call more people and use my bitchy skills to “serve the public” !

The director saw me in the hallway and asked me whether I am ready to start on the air pollution certificates! He handed me a few more industrial sewage works and wished me luck!

I am having a great day. On Monday I have to go to Queen's Park for an all day government workshop. So to finish the pending files, might have to show up at the office before 7 a.m. Please also note that I have a midterm on the afternoon of Tuesday March 8, and on Wednesday I am hosting the session on Ontario’s Nutrient Management Act.

The best one is yet to come. On my birthday, I happen to have an update session on Ontario's Provincial Policy Statements. At least sounds cool, huh?

Looking forward to all that…….


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