Monday, March 07, 2005

Politics Period

This past weekend the Liberals held their Biennial Policy Convention and Leadership Review in Ottawa.

Paul Martin, the Prime Minister of Canada gave one of his very best speeches so far and declared that he is ready to take on the opposition anytime an election is held. The theme of his speech was mostly focused on his “Promises Made, Promises Kept” agenda.

The PM received an 88% vote of confidence from the Liberal delegates, which was higher that the opposition’s prediction. Craig Oliver and Mike Duffy argued on this week’s CTV Question Period that the government has managed to fulfill promises to the environmentalists, military and municipalities in a short period of time, despite the minority situation. The fact that the New Conservatives as the main opposition, have approved of the budget is itself a great accomplishment.

During the final session of the Convention, PM held a press conference to address the questions raised by the media. Certain controversial issues that have been on the news lately such as the Ballistic Missile Defence were not discussed during the convention and it was expected to be brought up by the press.

One of the most important issues raised was whether the Liberals were preparing for a spring election, given the tone of the PM’s speech. The PM clearly stated that the government is determined to govern, unless the opposition prefers otherwise. Later on, in response to whether “his government had flip flopped on the BMD issue” he stated that Canada signed the NORAD amendment but made it clrear that would not go any further. He added that he had a successful phone conversation with President Bush the other day and although the President was not happy about Canada’s decision, he prefers to move on to other business.

The PM later announced that his government is not planning to legalize prostitution (red light districts in cities) but the issue of marijuana will be looked at in near future. As for the concerns of Atlantic Canada, he said he believes that Atlantic Initiative Program has performed well to promote the technology industry for the purpose of economic improvement.

So far the Bloc Quebecois is the only party to vote "no" to all the items on the budget to protest against the fact that their unemployment has not been addressed. The PM has to get Quebec’s attention and vote of confidence before he heads for the next election.

This was Sky's report from Ottawa. If you have any question about the Policy Convention, I would be glad to hear.


At 7:20 p.m., Blogger Brent said...

How can you support these thieving Liberal liars? Adscam and higher taxes and arrogance....

At 7:31 p.m., Blogger Bahar said...

No one denies the fact that politics stinks of people who have personal agendas rather that the ambition of public service. Power is and has always been evil and certainly not holy.

But if you want to take it as it is and follow politics, it's more of a personal choice and discretion what party's policies you agree with. I am a Liberal and you are a Conservative.

What keeps the country in balance is the rotation of power between the Left, Right and Centre. People's active participation is what prevents the politicians from going too far with abusing their power.


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