Friday, June 03, 2005

June 3

Today is June 3.

God bless Khale Elahe’s soul that we miss her so much around this time.

Too young and too early cancer caught up with her and brought so many tears to her 13 and 14 year old daughters.

By May 1999, she had become very weak and fragile. Her face was getting more and more yellow and her lips white. I could see so much fear and worry in Saman and Khotan’s eyes, watching their mother fade away.

Still, everytime I look at them, I see two little angels dropped on this world by some kind of divine mistake! They came to see us on mother’s day this year and brought my mom a beautiful flower box. My mom cried a lot.

It was in May that we started visiting her more often and trying to boost her moral confidence. But everyone knew it was near the end. She called me in her room and told me that I shouldn’t worry anymore. I said that I wasn’t worried, I knew she could make it. She said that she meant about my own family. I knew what she was talking about.

We had arrived in Canada 6 months ago and my father was still working with no pay. My brothers’ visa had a little problem and they could possibly have to go back and return which meant military service for them. I was still working at ESSO and UofT had not granted me admission. There was a lot that I was worried about.

“All your wishes will be granted soon. You’ll see” she said. I didn’t think of what she said too much back then.

2 weeks later we were burying her fragile body and comforting little Saman and Khotan that were slowly melting away over her grave. It was June 3rd 1999.

That afternoon when we returned home, I went downstairs to check the mail. I came back with three packages and called everyone.

My admission letter, dad’s employment letter and my brothers’ permanent visa came all together the day Khaleh Elahe left.

Khaleh Elahe, your little angels are grown up now. They have both graduated from college and have jobs. They are nice, sweet, hard working and very caring. You would have been proud of them.


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