Monday, June 27, 2005

Too far, Too hard to reach!

A friend's response to Leili's post:

My dearest leili;

You are never far away, because on the deepest days of my loneliness, I feel you close, near me. I am sure that Iranians deserve better than this and I think that there are Iranian people in foreign countries, that work hard for Iran's freedom.

You see, Iranians want to try new faces, even if they are murderers. They prefer them to someone like Rafsanjani who has been called "The Lord Of The Rigs!"

Maybe this one finally takes us to the end of this regime. I hope we are not heading for a war like Iraq, or Monarchy like before, but I hope for a democratic change, which won't happen with these so called elections controlled by Iran's authoritative forces such as "shoraye negahban!"

It will happen in some other way, maybe with the help of Iranian opposition in foreign countries, or with help from UN. Another revolution in Iran will simply cause more bloodshed, as it happened in 18th of Tir.

But this is too far, too hard to reach.


At 3:10 p.m., Blogger Bahar said...

Never, ever rely on foreign aid or UN's help to change the regime in Iran.

UN is barely surviving. Perhaps the only thing it does is holding conferences to talk about African countries battling HIV!!!

Iranian's outside Iran (like us) can only talk. Sure we can write, hold conferences about democracy and go around comfortably here outside of Iran and march for freedom. But that's all we can do. ok....perhaps we sign petitions against a war with Iran as well...but that's really all.

The only thing that can change Iran, is a movement from within. Not a revolution, but a movement...

As long as half of the country is poor and hungry, cannot afford to send their kids to Azad or Gheir-Entefaei universities, as long as they battle with unemployment, nothing will change.

It is sad. Such a wealthy country has a population of over 50 million that truely struggle with their finances, and a population of less than 20 million that support Rafsanjani for obvious reasons.

If I don't have enough money to send my daughter to university and my son does not have a job, why do I care about "democracy", "freedom of media", "ties with the US" or the stupid "nuclear agenda"? For once I will vote for Ahamdinejad who knows where I come from and how it feels to watch the UPTOWN kids blissfully enjoying their easy lives, in their brand new cars, tight outfits and makeup!

Did anyone watch Crash?

I hope Iran doesn't crash!


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