Friday, July 08, 2005

Attack on Humanity!

I woke up at 7 a.m. yesterday and turned on my TV like usual. The news about the attack on London transit network stunned me so much that I couldn’t go to work.

Immediately started looking for Elnaz, Golnaz, Alireza and Farhad. Fortunately everyone is ok, but Farhad is still unaccounted for. Although the officials say that no Canadian was hurt, I still worry.

This morning, I picked up the paper and I quickly browsed through the titles: “Why the terrorists will lose”, “Canada on heightened vigilance”, “US Tightens Security”, etc

Well, let me tell you how things look like from my tiny apartment in the heart of Toronto, Canada:

The terrorist won! Not only they managed to kill innocent people and disturb the G8 summit, but also ridiculed USA, Canada, Spain and Italy who tightened their security due to the fear of being attacked the same way, thus wasting billions of dollars! You hope they will be caught? Buses and trains have CCTV cameras? Well, let me tell you. Wearing a baseball cap can easily disguise one’s face in front of these cameras. Perhaps I should also mention that making “home-made bombs” is easier that anything these days.

So, now we are all scared, running around with sniffing dogs, getting on a bus looking for suspicious people and paranoid about what the other guy has in his brief case!

Anne McLellan showed up on TV yesterday and said that because we did not participate in Iraq war, we are not a primary target. God bless Jean Chretien for saying NO to war!

But at the end of the day, we should remember that 911 happened before US attacked Afghanistan and Iraq. So, really, what is there to be done to keep our people safe from mentally disturbed individuals who see killing westerns as a rite of passage?

Hiring police officers for every subway stop? Getting full-time sniffing dogs on all buses? Wasting the country’s budget on installing CCTV cameras on every corner and street? Finger printing everyone in the world?

Nothing! The answer is there is nothing we can do.

Maybe for once, we should listen to what they have to say. What do these people want, anyways? Do we even want to know?

I think that is the problem.


At 5:46 a.m., Anonymous Alireza (London-Westminster) said...

It's not that you don't want to know what they say. You cannot know what they say because they do not speak with words. I thought you knew them a little better than that Sky. You've lived there for quite a few years. Their language is violence and their logic is a sword. They don't believe in your right to live and there's nothing as cruel, suppressive and inhumane on the face of the world as their teachings. I don't even compare them with Nazis. Nazis were far more civilised than ... you know who.

You are right, fifty people died in London on Thursday. Their lives were invaluable and nothing in the world may make it up for their loved ones.

But would you just hire sniffing dogs to fight them off? Passive reaction from you is when they win. Maybe things like the "make poverty history" campaign, middle east peace process, and colourful revolutions in central asia backed by the US are part of the answer. I'm not particularly advocating military actions, but if you were hit hard as Bush was on 9/11, you could have considered it too...

Anyways, cheer up! Tomorrow's another day and life goes on. Even the survived victims of the 07/07 London attacks possibly feel blessed for their new lives from now on.


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