Friday, July 22, 2005

Falling Behind!

I find myself eagerly looking for Christie Blatchford, Margaret Wente or Jeffrey Simpson’s columns in The Globe and Mail every morning. I like how deep Simpson goes, how honest Blatchford writes and how outrageous Wente sounds!

Blatchford’s column focuses on Almrei’s trial, today. She writes how impressed she was to hear Almrei speak fluent English. The man had been locked up in Canada for 5 years. Yet, the Canadian judiciary couldn’t pronounce his name or his affiliates’.

Hundreds of thousands have immigrated from the Middles East and North Africa to Canada over the past few decades. Mostly Muslim, they speak different dialects of Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Pashto, etc. They are educated and skilled and have well merged in with the Canadian work force. Their children are Canada’s future elite. Yet, Blatchford admits that their language, their names and their ways have remained a mystery to others in this country.

Is that what happened in UK? The country falling behind in knowing its own citizens?

I love Canada. I received my post-secondary education here and I am now in public service. I pay my taxes and I have vowed to “stand on guard” for this country. I feel that I have done my part, but has the country stood up to its part of the deal?

Obviously the 18-year old that blew up himself and his fellow citizens in London didn’t think so. Something somewhere must have gone wrong and somebody failed him. Perhaps the country fell behind.

Is Canada keeping up?


At 12:26 p.m., Blogger Jackal said...

Ethnic groups in the UK are not like other immigrants in Canada. They were not the elite upper class in their country and they were not brought here to take respectable jobs. They were shipped here after the war due to shortage of work force. They were the lowest sector of the working class.

Although, many of them turned out to be very hard working decent men and women, many of which or their following generations managed to grab to higher levels and better jobs... they didn't manage to successfully merge with the white native majority. London is an exception... if you ever go to Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds (which the 07/07 bombers were from), you'd describe them as quite literally "indian conservation areas". It's not restricted to muslims. Hindus and Sikhs are in as hopless cultural backwardedness as well. One indian chap was describing the UK's indian community as encapsulated in 50 years ago.

That I can say could be a good chunk of the problem.

A much bigger part of the problem lies in the hatred and evil in the wahabi islamic school teachings in Pakistan and Afghnistan and of course KSA (and recently even in Iran... look in internet for 'gordan haye shahadat talab e dokhtaran e zeitun'). Maybe we should look out there and ask why every bloody suicide bomber had had spent some time in one of these schools/training camps?

At 1:23 p.m., Blogger Bahar said...

Thanks Ali.

That was great information.


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