Sunday, July 10, 2005

Party Hardy!

We went to AlleyCatz again last night.

I love that place. I love Jazz and I love Rock but also a combination works for me. It was Maryam's Birthday. I am not sure how many drinks I had but at 6 am I am still buzzed out, sitting on my balcony. It was a party night. The servers had to kick us out the dance floor around 2:30 a.m!

We had a pool going on how many phone numbers I can get when I told the guys that I had not been given numbers since I was 14! (originally Ashton Kutchers idea, not theirs) and, here is the result:

- there was the black tall guy
- the black guy with glasses
- the spanish looking guy (that probably did'nt speak English)
- the white curly hair guy (looked extremely boring, most likely unemplyed)
- the guy that looked like murderers (he wouldn't let go!)
- the guy that never left the side of the bar! (I called him the ever-drunk)
- the fat short guy that probably goes there by himself every night!
- the tall cute guy that finally picked up a fat old woman by the end of the night (looked happy!)
- the guy that spoke Arabic (my biggest turn off)

I think the only person who did't make a pass at me was the 80 year old that I have seen there three time now! I am not sure if he goes there for the drinks or the music!!!

The moral of the story being that all weird people love to give you their phone number and no decent person (i.e someone with job, friends and place to live) would make such attempt!

Last night Noushin's big hug and Mehrdad's pads on the shoulder meant even more. When Ali walked me home and called me Kiddo like the old times I remembered how much I loved my life. I have great friends.

The other night I heard that only the man "who embraced his destiny" knew how to live happy. Well, perhaps there is a wake up call for me!

One of the things I love about living on my own is that I have a lot of time to myself to think.

I love who I am and I have a great life. September 15 is Alidad and Kati's wedding and I am happy.


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