Saturday, August 06, 2005

Our Car

I drove our car this morning. I cranked up the radio and pressed on the gas. The wind caught in my hair very refreshing. I almost felt that I was driving a convertible, except that the roof is not open and sun can’t burn me!

Most people never forget their first car, despite all its short-comings. Our car is a Honda 92 Accord and its air-conditioning doesn’t work anymore, so you get to drive with windows wide open! The stereo is broken (except for radio) and it makes a loud motor-cycle noise when you turn it on! We love our car!

My parents gave my brothers and I our first car to share so that we wouldn’t borrow their cars anymore. There is something about our old car that makes it special for us.

It could be the sharing factor or the fact that this car has been in the family since 96. This car has been to Ottawa, Montreal, Niagara, Guelph, Gananoquay, Georgian Bay, Simcoe Lake and Washington DC. It has moved many people to their new resident and picked up many people from Toronto’s Airport. The seats are roomy and comfortable and the gas-mileage is good.

My brother wants to sell the car, but I keep thinking of its sentimental values.


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