Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Problem Solving!

My condolences to car-owners, especially SUV-owners. The price of gas is more than a buck a liter now. It is still cheaper than coffee, but believe me it will only take a few years before you prefer to pay for a cup of coffee and ride a bike!

I don’t know if you knew(!), but oil quantity is limited. So, sooner or later, we should find another way of getting around. Who knows, maybe once all oil is gone, we can finally solve our “smog” and “traffic” problems.

In the meanwhile, let’s remember that we don’t need to drive our cars, where public transportation is cheap and easily accessible. Since not all people are willing to listen, I am proposing a new and somewhat old solution to remind people of the accessibility of public transport.

Below is a simplified map of Toronto downtown core where during the day (8 am to 8 pm) cars cause traffic jams and the air smells like smog. If a “downtown permit” of $10 is defined for cars that want to cross this area, it is economically sensible only if they have 4 or more passengers. (Public transport ticket is just below $2.5 per person)

Such permit could be purchased online or through certain ticket stands on Bloor Street and Lakeshore Boulevard. The permit then should be displayed on the dashboard or a fine of $20 can apply if caught. Proceeds (e.g $10,000/day) can go toward improving public transport in Toronto.

Considering the cost of obtaining a parking spot in Toronto and the headache of waiting in a traffic jam, this is to everyone’s benefit. Taxi cabs will be exempt and weekends and holidays are not regulated. Residents in the area, who need to drive, can leave before the morning rush and return after the evening rush hours.

The only drawback of such plan is that a few parking lots should be designated and managed by the City, surrounding the regulated area.


At 10:11 a.m., Anonymous a friend of a friend passing by said...

traffic zones. good idea. actually it is the case in some large cities like london.
and about fossil fuels ending, i really love the thought of it, but then it can also mean war if we still don't have enough renewables or other alternatives by that time...maybe not a problem for the rich world. but the underdeveloped (and by that time overpopulated) will shout out their need.
sometimes i think humans can only come up with a sustainable life after they blast the entire world. hope its not so.
i have a blog for myself why do i contaminate here

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