Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Big News!

I am no more a poop engineer!

Since yesterday, I have started my new job at the Waste Management Policy Branch. In simpler terms, I will be a garbage engineer! Yesterday I got to meet about 50 people here that each specializes in some kind of junk!

We started with Debbie who is a “medical waste” expert, Shana who is a “nutrient management” (a nice term for crap) expert, Kevin a “landfill” expert, Richard a “radio-active waste” expert, Rosemary who is a “sewage biosolids” expert and Michelle who specializes in “urban waste”. I admit it that all the names are fake, because I can’t remember a single person’s name! But at least I know there are numerous types of crap out there!

Did you know how many types of garbage you produce every day? Did you know that you are being a pest for the society? Soon enough Toronto will drown in its own garbage!

Think about it. Every cup of coffee that you drink, every sandwich that you buy, every bottle of juice, every … that you dispose of in the bathroom bin and every package of food that you open, all end up in the hands of the City and no one knows how to exactly handle all the stuff!

Eric and I saw a “state of the art” waste facility on our way back from Pickering harbour on Sunday. He told me that some actual screening and recycling takes place in that facility, which helped me sleep better at night!

So the new office is very interesting. I am actually working in the same building as the Minister herself. I was told that it might happen that we present a proposal for a policy to the cabinet! Imagine that!

Yesterday I was desperate for some coffee and deli lunch and since I couldn’t find anything here, I walked all the way to the old office and had lunch with Gabby and Katrina. This morning, I located a very cool café and deli counter near our office and also heard rumours that on the 3rd floor of this building, we have a cafeteria! Who knew?


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At 8:04 a.m., Blogger Jackal said...

Let's just say we're less than thrilled with that ;)

At 4:08 p.m., Blogger Azad said...

The most serious garbage that I produce almost everyday is "scientific garbage", the only kind apparently you don't have an expert for in your new office!

Anyways :-) Congrats with the new job. Is this also a career upgrade? You seem to be doing more important stuff, but your first two paragraphs won't let me think that way.

At 10:57 a.m., Blogger Bahar said...

Thanks Azad jan for your kind words :)


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