Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Classism, right or wrong?

From Wikipedia:

Classism (a term formed by analogy with racism) is any form of prejudice or oppression against people who are in, or who are perceived as being like those who are in, a lower social class (especially in the form of lower socioeconomic status) within a class society.

There is no such thing as racism in Canada. Why? Because at some point in time we all moved to this continent from the other side of the oceans. This land doesn't belong to anyone except the natives (Indians, they are called). In our community, we have white, black, yellow and red skin people. We like it this way and treat each other nicely.

But we have a bit of something else going on.

Our Prime Minister is a lawyer and comes from a family of lawyers. The land-scaper outside, comes from a family of land-scapers or contruction workers. I am an engineer and come from a family of engineers and teachers.

It's not really about getting into the family business, but more like blue collars will always be blue collars and white collars, white! Unless you are Jean Chretien and come from a remote rural area and go to law school and eventually become a Prime Minister. That's one of the reasons that I admire Bill and Hilary Clinton so much.

People say that Engineers marry Engineers, Lawyers marry Lawyers and Doctors marry Doctors. This is more than just matching your professions like your china pattern.

This is called classism. You are very likely to live with someone from your own class.

Is that because you understand each other better? Or your families get along better? Your goals in life are more likely to be the same or you are just trying to satisfy your own ego?

My parents spent a good portion of their lives in academic environments. We talk about education, ambition and knowledge all the time. Can I live with someone whose parents have always run a grocery store? Or a gas station? (random examples)

where I work, most of the time, the directors and managers eat together, the engineers sit together and the maintenance staff and land-scapers hang out together.

Today I ate with a land-scaper. We had nothing to talk about. Toward the end of our meal, we decided to talk about the weather and traffic.

What am I missing here? What are we missing as a community?


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