Friday, October 28, 2005

Election Talk!

My Dear Canadian Audience:

As you must have heard, Charles and Camila's trip to Canada was postponed by our Prime Minister. Not that anyone really cares for those two (!), but the fundamental cause might be of interest.

According to federal legislation, when there is the possibility of election in Canada, no royal visit from Winsor should take place within a month of the event. Which means P.M has some thoughts in mind.

I am sure you all know that the Gomery Commission's report is coming out and luck for the Liberals in power, they were eqquited. Although some sources say that former P.M, Jean Chretien, is in hot waters.

As Paul Martin had "promised" last year, he will call an election 30 days after the Gomery Comission concludes. So, here we are. Almost there!

Before the last parliamentary session closed for the summer, the Liberals made a deal with the New Democrats and passed the so called "NDP Budget". The Conservatives on the other hand lost Belinda Stronach to the Liberals, who was the CEO of Magna International and the Conservatives' Deputy Leader's girlfriend! Looking at the upside, the hot Peter McKay is available again!

As soon as the session resumed after the summer, Nova Scotia's Primier, John Hamm decided that he wanted to retite. That sounded a golden opportunity for Peter McKay to leave the feds to their own gadgets and become a provincial leader. He thought about it for a week. It was speculated that the New Conservative Party (mainly the hard-liner leader, Steven Harper) would be almost finished. Well, I think for what it's really worth, he made a sacrifice for Steven and stayed in his caucus.

After all that happened during the past year, it seems like the support of each of the three parties is back to where it was during last election.

How will you vote? Will you vote for your local candidate or choose the "strategic way" and pick between gay marriage and private healthcare?

Each one of us has to soon pick his/her own battles.


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