Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Political B.S !!!

I bet you by now, most Canadians are fed up with all the bull shit!

"Christmas Election", "January Election", "February Election", "30 days after Gomery Election" and now they are proposing that the parties take a week off (Dec. 24 to Jan. 2) from campaigning but still hold the elections in January.

Bugger off! You think the world revolves around your stupid "showdown"s?

The Conservatives:
"This Government has lost the moral authority to run this country." Ok! We got it! In fact we got it when you said it last year, for the first time! Anything new you can add to this? Is this your platform? You really think people will vote for a conservative government on morality grounds? Unless you call "banning gay marriage and abortion" morality.

The Liberals:
So you saved all the taxes and oil revenue for a "rainy" campaign day? It's time to give the people of Canada a Christmas present they can't forget: "tax cuts, bigger educational budget, assistanceship for immigrants and aboriginals" if and only if they vote for "Martin and the gange". I thought this was the oldest trick in the book! I bet Harper and his gange will have a ball once they get their hands on this $30 billion surplus!

The New Democrats (NDP):
Who is the "flip-flopper" now? Ok, I understand. You are the only party who actually gets things done. I admire your efforts for the budget bill. But helping the Conservatives and the Bloc? It just doesn't look or sound right.

The bottom line is: People don't give a rat's ass about your campaign platforms or election calendar. What you call a political "showdown", we call "a series of unfortunate events"!


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Very Well Said


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