Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tree huger?

To all educated people with a brain:

1- Pop cans are extremely valuable. Recycle them.
2- Plastic doesn't disintegrate in the garbage can!
3- Styrofoam is re-usable. Recycle!
4- Batteries are toxic. Do not put them in the garbage can
5- Computers, TVs, phones and all e-gadgets are recyclable!
6- Glass is recyclable.
7- Paper is precious and is easily recycled!

1- We will run out of oil
2- Oil will be very expensive in the next few years
3- A bigger car is not always fancier!
4- Public Transit won't give you plague
5- Walking is good for you. Helps you lose wait and not get diabetes!

When will people grow up?


At 5:53 p.m., Blogger Jackal said...

Well thanks for the last post, gave me some clues but I wouldn't call it impressive (very journalistic)...and

1- what should i do with the dead batteries? i know they're toxic but are they recycled at all? I haven't seen a battery recycle bin!

2- Transport is generally hazardous, avoid it; you walk you get maugged, you cycle you get run over by bus, you take the underground you get blown up by terrorists, you drive your car you get fined by a crazy parking warden and you end up strangle him - God bless London night buses though!


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