Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What a Mess!

And the great people of Canada have started thinking:
  • Some say the report is fake because it doesn't accuse Martin of wrong doing!
  • Some say that Martin must have paid Justice Gomery not to blame him!
  • Some think that Steven Harper came out the good man here! (how, may I ask?)
  • Some have sworn not to vote in any election again!
  • Others have tried to expalain to them the role of the Minister of Finance and the fact that he cannot be accountable for every penny spent in this country
  • Many thought "if it weren't for Quebec, we wouldn't have had this scandal"
  • A few wanted to vote Quebec out! Hurray!
  • One person compared the situation to a brown-haired kid stealing your wallet while youa re in the shower and the fact that you cannot blame all kids with brown hair!
The point is, we have an election coming up in winter!


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