Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Child Support!

As it turns out, the whole child support issue has become a campaign platform for Canada's 2006 Federal Election. Apparently we have a population growth problem, meaning that most of us are too selfish to make babies and take care of them! Some of us need better daycares, some need longer parental leave but I think most of us just don't have ot don't want to spend the money!

Money seems to be the issue. Since no politician has figured out how to encourage people to raise children, I have some solutions:

1- Pay the families $1200 a year for kids younger than 7 (Steven Harper). This is not enough. We want the kids to make it through school and not vanish into the system by age 7!

2- Pay the families $800 a year for kids younger than 18. This way you make sure that the parents will feed them and keep them until they are 18! But this not good enough either. Because no one will be enticed to have children for $800 a year! That's a very small amount!

3- Pay the families $10,000 per child as soon as they are born. Well, you will end up with a lot of childbirths per year and many orphans at the church! Nope. This is not the solution, either.

4- Pay $20,000 per child, to every family that raises a child with highschool education! This way people make sure that the kids go to school and graduate and they know that they will have some money left for retirement.

That's it! The government should reward ($20,000) every parent that puts a child through highschool. Not only the population growth problem will be solved, but also we will end up with lots of educated young labor. This could also take care of retirement pension in Canada!

I am a genious! Too bad I am not running for PMO!


At 2:04 p.m., Blogger Jackal said...

Nice try Sky joon, but if Canada's population growth problem was to be solved by encouraging people to have babies with minimum side effects, I would consider the mentioned 1-4 solutions efficiency in the following order:

First place: 1 (Harpers $1200/annum, 7yrs)
Second place: 2 ($800/annum)
Third place: 3 ($10000 at birth)
Fourth place: 4 ($20000 after 18 yrs)

A) The cosmic rule of: sili-e-naqd beh az halvaye nesyey; bascially no one will go for the far fetched $20,000 after 20 years. Government should cough up right away. Besides, adding the interest, the $800/year is even better value than solution 4.

B) Fear of not having enough money to raise a child stops people from having them in the first place. Overcome their fear with a luscious $1200 in the first years when parents are relatively young with lower earning levels. After that: har-ankas-ke-dandan-dahad-naan-dahad ;)

C) As you said $10,000 at birth is not a good option with many side effects. Although it does solve the problem.

D) It's just so far away in the future that puts every body off. And it's no help to those who can't afford to have and raise a baby with minimum standards right now. Who gets the money if parents were seperated after 20yrs? It doesn't even solve the problem!

Perhaps I should join Harper in his campaign!

At 2:08 p.m., Blogger Bahar said...

Fine! I will revise my plan:

- $5,000 Upon birth
- $5,000 once the child starts school
- $10,000 upon highschool graduation.

This way every parent makes sure that the dumb kid can finish highschool!

At 4:11 p.m., Blogger Sooski said...

Ill vote for ya! ;-)


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