Sunday, December 18, 2005


Defines life like soul brings a body to existence, makes you forget about you, gives you the vision to pursue and creates the reason to be.

The man who woke up in the middle of night to compose a song, the woman who walked miles and miles to photograph a scene, the man who never slept until he wrote the last word of the chapter and the woman who never tired until she freed the innocent, always made me envious.

The laws of science don't apply to a body whose soul has found a cause. There is no boredom, tedium or monotony in the presence of passion, I know from experience.

It's been a complicated mystery of the heart for me: the allure to fall for a man, who has long forgotten himself.

My heart always seemed a small price to pay for him, who yearned to bestow himself upon his unworldly passion.

Yet again I learn, this is a beautiful and agonizing reality of my heart that I revive, relive and rediscover.


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