Thursday, January 26, 2006

Leadership Race!

For those of us who feel fatigued by the recent elections, we've got a leadership race on our hands for the Liberal Party of Canada:

- Michael Ignatieff
- Frank McKenna
- Bill Graham (yuck!)
- John Manley (he says he is not interested)
- Belinda Stronach (she'd better not even think about it)

John Manley wrote in Today's Globe and Mail:

The Liberal Party should be a political home for those who are socially progressive, economically responsible, and who possess a vision of the future of Canada that comprehends the challenges of competing in a world of giants. This is no time for Martin-Liberals to be fighting Chrétien-Liberals. Rather, it is a time for unhyphenated Liberals to work to renew their great political institution.The first task of the new leader will be to unite and heal the party. She or he will then need to restore the sense of purpose and the idealism that are part of the Liberal tradition.

For the same reasons as Manley's, Ali's money is on Ignatieff. But I believe in experience and knowledge. So far, I am hoping for a great race for McKenna.


At 6:17 p.m., Blogger Sooski said...

I always liked Manley... I read this morning that he's not interested! too bad! :(
I guess my 2nd best would be McKenna too!


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