Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Morning After!

So here it goes:

Conservatives: 124 seats (40%)
Liberals: 103 seats (33%)
Bloc (Quebec): 51 seats (17%)
NDP: 29 seats (9%)

So, Harper got the smallest minority possible to form a government. To pass a bill, they need to form a coalition with Bloc.

On social issues, Bloc Quebecois doesn't agree with the Tories. So, basically this is a dysfunctional government that can't pass anything! Great! That's what needed! Another election soon!Yuck!

Toronto voted liberal but lost two seats to NDP. Olivia Chow, the wife of the NDP leader got elected downtown Toronto. She used to be a city councillor. Peggy Nash of NDP got elected in Toronto, too. What I have to say to them is: "way to go girls!"

Interesting to note, most of the Liberals that were booted out were Cabinet Ministers!

Belinda Stronach who crossed the floor to the Liberals won again with a good margin. Again, I never used to like her particularly, but I would like to say to her: "way to go girl!"

This election was a loss for everyone, except for our female politicians. Congratulations!


At 8:21 a.m., Blogger Jackal said...

It appears that this is more a personal victory for Harper rather than the party. UK tories were also encouraged by this victory.

The new conservative leader - James Cameron - seems to be ditching far right old values of the tory party for more moderate/centre policies which is admitted by everyone (even party heavy weights who condemned it, read fossils) to be the way to go.

Funny enough, tories are supporting Blair in his education reform bid amid labour backbenchers rebellion. Could that happen to Harper too? an occasional support from the opposition party...

At 9:11 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

baba eyval 6 e sobh bidar shodi ke bebini natije chi shode?! oon o ke khodet midunesti [;)]

At 12:40 p.m., Blogger Bahar said...

Well, you brought up a good point. Occasional support happens, but not between the Liberals and the conservatives unless the issue is national unity (against the Bloc)

There is bad blood between the Liberals and the Conservatives here.

As you know, the Bloc which is a Quebecoise part only, is rooting for separation from Canada. Bloc gives the conservatives occasional support when it comes to defeating the Liberals. Same thing happens if he Liberals want to defeat the conservatives. As long as there is money in it for Quebec, they are in. They are always the third wheel!

But now we have have the New Democratic Party who has gained some support across the country. There is some speculation that they will perhaps cooperate with the Liberals, since they are on the far left.

The Conservatives will have to apply some moderation when it comes to their social agenda. Otherwise, no party will cooperate with them. That is the bottom line!

What is the educational reform that you mentioned?

At 6:07 a.m., Blogger Jackal said...

Well, primarily Blair administration is trying to free up state schools (non-selective) from local authority control and allow them to govern their own finances and organization. Also encourage successful schools to expand and create mini chain schools. On the other hand, new reform will give more power/choice to parents to select school for their children. It also encourages universities, businesses, faith groups (e.g. muslims) and specially parent groups to start their own independant state schools with promises of funding etc.

The move sounds very liberal for traditional leftist-authoritative labour. Is it not what one would expect from the 'new labour' with its progressive leader Tony Blair?! [;)]


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