Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Our Conservative Government

Paul Martin's leadership victory 2 years ago opened many doors to his side of the party. Cretchien's liberals soon were shut out or disappeared voluntarily! An egocentric culture and Fear-mongering became plauged "Martin Liberals" within, and outside the party!

Our Prime Minister chose the wrong circle of friends! Before he knew it, a streak of scandals broke out to bring down his reign. Instead of governing, he spent his "minority" days controlling the damages! During the campaign, he nervously tried to defend and justify his government's actions. His desperate and pathetic attempt at attacking the Conservatives made the "calm" and "confident" rival look like a better alternative, day by day.

And now, Canadian liberalism has to pay the price for Martin Liberals' arrogance and incompetence. I am not so much worried about fiscal policies, but rather concerned about our future foreign policy, military involvement in US projects and provincial relations, namely Quebec's sovereigntist agenda. Ironically enough, it's Mr. Martin who is leading us through a possible 8-yr Conservative Era!


At 9:57 a.m., Blogger Jackal said...

Forgive me for my ignorance but, if tories are taking over the government, why is it led by Martin again and not Harper? and why is it an 8 year era? in the UK, government life span is about 5-7 years only...

At 10:47 a.m., Blogger Bahar said...

Tories are taking over Paul Martin's liberal government. That's what is happening. So, harper will be the next Prime Minister.

Regarding 8 years, people project a re-election, so basically two governments in a row which means 8 to 9 years.

At 5:15 p.m., Blogger Sooski said...

I cannot disagree with you! I have the same concerns as yours if tories take over!! :(


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