Monday, February 20, 2006

Beautiful Day

It is a fantastic beautiful day and I am enjoying my "window office" a.k.a my bachelor apartment for the next 2 days.

I am working on a paper on environmental indicators for energy generation, mainly through wind and nuclear power plants.

To be honest with you, I often wonder how thin the line between excellent and impractical is, when it comes to sustainable solutions.

For the past two weeks, I worked on a report for the Minister's office, on the practicality of generating energy from waste and sewage.

Only if all Ontarians would separate their organic garbage and their recycling items, only if all of us conserved a little bit of energy, never flushed inorganic material down the drain, and only if we all preferred using public transportation on week days, we would be only a tad bit away from heaven!

Organic garbage and good quality (only human waste) sewage, when mixed with manure, can be anaerobically digested to produce methane gas (electricity) and good quality fertilizer. This is currently underway in Denmark and Germany.

Studies show that the energy produced by wind farms and digestion of sewage and garbage with manure could be sufficient to avoid another large nuclear plant, and another large landfill for Ontario!

But my report to the Minister concluded that currently such solutions are expensive and not practical, requiring a long term (at least 10 year) plan.

Needless to say that the government's mandate is only four years, 2 of which are already gone!


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