Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Mes chers amis, let's define this "democracy" that the "civilized" nations are trying to export to Afghanistan and Iraq:

Religion is like an old-fashioned hat that grandma wears
Women can have kids on their own
Gay people can get married; and
Government has no place in the nation's bedroom

c'est la democratie!

The problem is, that's not what we told them, when they were voting for it. We told them as long as they have a constitution, fair election and allow their women to go to school, they will be living in democracy.

Now that based on their (islamic) constitution they want to prosecute the newly-christian apostate, we are all yelling "democracy", "human rights"!!!

It took years, decades and centuries, before westerners chose to equate "liberalism" and "democracy". Thousands of colored minorities, homosexuals, single pregnant women, adulterers and non-christians were executed, before these nations accepted religious and sexual liberties as basic human rights.

Still I would like to use the term "choose". We chose it and we like it. It works for us. We call it democracy and we are proud of it. We think we are civilized and we would like to teach the "uncivilized" nations of Iraq and Afghanistan the real meaning of democracy!

Don't get me wrong. I am all for religious and sexual liberties. That's why I live in North America. "Human Rights" is my middle name. In my perfect world, there is no race or religion, gay couples adopt kids and we don't need police or military forces, because there is no violence or crime!

But I am not sure if forcing our version of "freedom" and "democracy" is really doing a lot of good to nations that are cultured in their own way.

Democracy is not a "vaccine" and third-world nations are not "diseased".


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