Thursday, March 23, 2006

Liberal Leadership

When I read today's Globe and Mail, I laughed my ass off!
Margaret Wente, Thursday March 23:

With all this crazy speculation about who's going to join the race for Liberal leader, I think it's time I cleared the air. I'm interested... Quite frankly, we're putting together a team!
I believe my qualifications are extremely strong. My French is even better than Belinda Stronach's. I am almost as well-known as Martha Hall Findlay, and I've lived in Canada longer than Michael Ignatieff...
Some people might criticize me because my history with the party has been rather brief. I picked up my membership card the day before yesterday. But I don't consider that a drawback. The great thing about the Liberals is that anyone can be one! Hey, has Bob Rae even signed up yet?
I have very little baggage. I don't own a BlackBerry, and I have never been caught firing off incriminating e-mails to best friends, stockbrokers or lovers. Okay, once or twice. Anyone can make a mistake!
Hockey wasn't my thing. But I once played the fiddle! Maybe I never won a Juno for it, but, on the other hand, I also never had the urge to flash my private parts on stage. By the way, I completely share Ashley MacIsaac's passion for Cape Bretoners. Finest people in the world...
As for my sexual orientation, I honestly don't think that's going to be an issue. I am openly heterosexual, and proud of it. Perhaps that puts me at a disadvantage with some people. But Canada is a mature, tolerant nation, and I'm pretty sure voters won't hold it against me...
In fact, I think I've got everything it takes to jump into this race!

So, the "Accidental Canadian" thinks this is her calling! Well, here are some reasons why yours truly isn't so far behind, either!

- With two classes that I took last year, my French is not behind Belinda's
- I have had as many gay guys asking me out as Scott Brison
- I have been active with the party longer than Ignatieff
- I know about federal politics as much as Carolyn Bennett did, when she became MP
- I have had my share of stage time, but not quite as scandalous as McIsaac's
- I am cuter than all the Candidates, perhaps except for Ruby Dhalla

Oh, and I forgot to say "I am not an accidental Canadian". All the above candidates were born in Canada and did not have to work hard for their citizenship, but I did, as an adult. If anyone can claim that they have a passion for Canada, that would be yours truly.


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