Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More on the abortion debate

Ten days ago, on March 6 South Dakota's Governor, Mike Rounds, signed a bill that would ban virtually all abortions in that state. "The sponsors of this bill believe that abortion is wrong because unborn children are the most vulnerable and most helpless persons in our society," Mr. Rounds said at the time of the signing. The law would mean that abortions are not even permitted in the case of rape or incest.

Following my last discussion on Abortion, I would like to pose new questions here.

- Should we put the rights of unborn before the rights of the living?
- Who is really affected when abortion is performed on a mother?
- What do we want to treat cases of Rape and Incest?

According to the Governor of South Dakota, unborn children suffer the most in our society. Well, I beg to differ! Unloved, abused and poor children suffer a much greater pain. I don't think an unborn child can really feel pain or understand the fear of death. However, unwanted children, the ones that were products of rape and incest are the ones that would perhaps wish they would have never been born.

I am personally pro-choice but not pro-abortion. I believe that in many cases, abortion deeply scars the pregnant mother physically, emotionally and psychologically. However, under certain circumstances, it is the best available alternative. How come is that we can easily close our eyes and forget the real pain-sufferers here? I think South Dekota is missing the point!

It is very unfortunate that the Governor of South Dakota down plays tragedies such as rape and incest. The victims of such tragedies are not only physically and emotionally robbed, but also recognized as culprits in this case! What kind of message is South Dakota sending to women? Should the victims of rape and incest take the fault and live with the consequences for good?

If this decision goes before the supreme court and the previous ruling in the case of Roe v. Wade is overtuned, we would be walking on thin ice.

Although Canada has demonstrated a rather secular culture in the past couple of dacades, it does not remain fully unaffected.


At 6:49 p.m., Blogger HLS said...

I am almost certain that the Supreme Court of Canada will every rule the right to an abortion illegal. The law concerning the right to an abortion was legislated by the parliament of Canada and has been declared legal. I have some comments on our Supreme Court in my post "Xenophobia, Ignorance and respect" March 5th 2006, on my blog "Politics and the Law"


At 8:06 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday :D Shahab

At 8:42 a.m., Blogger Bahar said...

Shahab joon,

Thank you so very much! Happy belated birthday to you too.

How's life? How's PhD coming along at Waterloo?


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