Sunday, March 19, 2006


Leili called me on Thursday to wish me a happy birthday. We had a great girl-to-girl talk that was long overdue.

Since most of my girlfriends are married, it was special to hear from Leili and talk about our lives as "single professional women"!

Believe it or not it is not easy. We grew up in well-educated committed families who had great hopes for us.

Of course, we full-filled their wishes by becoming engineers, going to graduate school and finding decent jobs in a new country. We were the apple of their eyes, until we moved out on our own and pursued our own independent lives!

We both love our apartments. Work is not that great, but it's ok. We do our best to save money to go on vacation once a year and we try to calm our mothers, who say they have given up their hopes for us!

I called a friend to whine about all this, but he thought I was mental!

The truth of the matter is that we cannot really confide in our parents! They already feel disappointed because we chose an "independent single life", and no way on earth they would understand our "dating lives".

Being single, having my own apartment and making my own decisions is fantastic. However, there are times that I wonder what I can do with the chip on my shoulder! What am I going to do with the guilt of not being "the perfect daughter"?

In family gatherings people ask: "so, are you seeing anyone?", expecting to hear about a wedding date!. I asked my dentist if I could remove my braces by March 2007 and he replied: "ofcourse! Is that when your wedding is?". I remember about 2 years ago, a friend from highschool wrote me "You were one of the pretty ones! How sad that you are still single!".

We (girls) always dream of a family life that we will have someday. We'd love to think that one day we will own a house with a romantic husband, who makes us breakfast on Sundays!

But until the right time or the right person comes, we cherish our single lives. We love our tiny downtown apartments, and focusing on our professional future.

Did I mention it's great to be able to travel whenever we want to?


At 6:35 p.m., Blogger Sooski said...

Exactly! :)
Don't know why not many people think that if you're a woman, educated, professional, in your 30s, and *single*, it could be because it's your choice!!


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