Thursday, May 11, 2006

BS is the theme, it seems!

During the past week or so, we have been worrying about our professor/friend Ramin Jahanbegloo. Good news is that his mom has been able to see him for few minutes and that warms our hearts. Hopefully soon he can be released unharmed.

Sometimes when all you hear is BS, you feel depressed and disappointed with humanity. To sum it all up for you:

President Bush has screwed up in Iraq, for the first time the world sees justification in military action against a country thanks to President Ahmadinejad, oil prices are sky-rocketing, and Osama has established a Hollywood of his own by releasing more video than 20th Century FOX!

In the meanwhile, President Ahmadinejad writes a letter to President Bush (you know, man to man) to resolve all the conflicts! After all, they say words have more power than weapons!

Who knows? Bush’s response could sound like:

My dear Mahmood:

I had no idea that I had lived all my life in sin. The United States of America, or as you call us the Great Satan is responsible for all the trouble and blood shed in the past 50 years. Allah may forgive us. We have been stealing the third world nations’ oil to make weapons and kill them. We are evil!

We shall soon end all wars, order Israel to leave the Middle East and come here live with us, give the poor nations enough money and convert to Islam. We shall no longer bother you regarding nukes, as you can have as much nukes as you wish. Allah be with you,



P.s. how do you like my new name?

Then, we can all rest, since all the problems of the world will soon be resolved. Who knew? Only a simple letter!!! Damn! How come I didn't think of that?

My Farsi readers: check Nabavi's letter in response.


At 4:48 p.m., Blogger Jackal said...

may i suggest: GORG-ALI ???


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