Friday, June 16, 2006


I am supposed to set up an account for the campaign today and start planning a fundraiser.

Since I dont know any corporations, or even rich people, I can't plan a fundraiser where people show up with their cheque-books! However, the good news is that since we are making the cards, signs and promotional material ourselves, my campaign is not going to cost like other's (30 grand or so).

I am thinking about a very fun fundraiser, like a cocktail party with live music, where all my student friends like to go. Perhaps we could charge $20 or $25 at the door, get a volunteer DJ (or volunteer performer) and make sure at least 200 people show up. This would cover the basic costs of 3-months office, one phone line and printing some literature.

Still, I need to figure out how to pay for an accountant (at the end), material for signs and cards, maps and lists of voters (at least $300), etc. Perhaps another 4 to 5 grand.

Hypothetically speaking, if you guys were to attend my fundraiser, what would you like to see? (we will have snacks and a cash bar).


At 1:24 p.m., Anonymous Toronto Gal said...

This is my second time trying to post a comment...hope it works..Re the accountant, why don't you approach the icao or the cica and see if they have someone interested in politics who would volunteer or work for a reduced fee? They offer free tax clinics all of the time and all sorts of other things...(I'm assuming you just need an auditor at the end?)

At 1:29 p.m., Blogger Bahar said...

Yeah. That's correct.

ICAO would have volunteers? hmmm. Good idea. I will contact them.

At 2:58 p.m., Anonymous Toronto Gal said...

"Find a CA Volunteer"

At 3:04 p.m., Blogger Bahar said...

I did. I also posted the whole description of the the job, etc.

Thanks, you are the best gal :)


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