Friday, July 07, 2006

Cherry Pie

Personal blogging continues. I don't think I care about "bloggtards" who want to spy on me!

I like my blogging audience: Mona, Niloo, Leili, Jackal (AliScott), Shahab and other close friends.

Shahab has suggested that I no longer write about dating on my blog (or I will cast a spell on my luck for finding a husband! kidding!) . But I need to blog or I will explode! I cannot afford a shrink (2 hours a week=$160) so, I need to blog!

Plus, now that I have established this private blog, oh, trust me, I will blog about dating! Whatelse can we laugh at?

So, I realized that I hate Pie today, especially Cherry Pie. It is too sweet and my teeth hurt! Ok, I agree the problem is my teeth not the pie! But anyhow. I would take Creme Brulee over Pie on any day.

Today I finally moved offices, again. I am in hazardous section now. I don't have the phone password, yet, but at least the computer is working. Although some network application have denied me any access!!!

I am recovering from my cold. But seriously, it was a great trip and definitely worth catching a cold!

P.s. I just realized that the new keyboard is filthy! man! I need to clean up around here a bit. The guy whose office I have inherited in on Parental leave (he loves changing diapers, he told me himself) and his office is just full of kid's art work (he just had his fourth kid). He is off for 9 months, I think, raising the little one. In the meanwhile, I need to clean up around here.


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