Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Few Points!

1- Jon Stewart is not boring and Stephen Colbert is not better than him, what-so-ever! Jon Stewart is god!

2- When it is time to my midlife crisis or crises (!) I am planning to buy a dirt bike (motorcycle) and go on a road trip to New York, Boston, etc. Since I am not planning to live beyond 70 years old, I will have my midlife in 5, 6 years or so!

3- These 3 guys are running against me are pissing me off. The first one (whose first name is Abdulrahman) is an Imam for all the mosques in the area and looks scarier than Molla Omar! The second one is a former member of provincial parliament (we call him John) and the third is Jeff who works for the Ministry of Health. I am up against some big guys (the other 10 don't matter much).

4- What is wrong with people who can't see that Israel is the real culprit here, at least this time? They responded to a kidnapping with rockets for God's sake!

5- What are the definitions of Happy and Content? I think the day that I think I am happy and content, it's time to die!


At 4:43 p.m., Blogger Jackal said...

ok bahar, what's thi all about, you can tell us, what's the problem?


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