Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Street Corner

As it turns out, I will be running for a political position, from a street corner.

I remember when I was finishing my consulting project for my bachelors, my team occupied 5 computers at the corner of the computer lab for 3 months and we called it The Amber Engineering Corner. (that was the name of our company) I even put up a sign as well!

And this month, I will name a street corner in ward 26 "Bahar's Campaign Headquarters", hold a sign (cannot put down a sign on City's property) and answer phone calls (on my campaign cell phone). I can probably take my laptop and printer as well, hook up to someone's unlocked wireless network and respond to e-mails, as well!

Last night, drove through the whole ward (all 20 streets of it) and looked for empty store fronts and ads for "Office for Lease". I found a total of 10 phone numbers that I called this morning.

As it turns out, my options are limited to:
- 5000 sqft (500 sqm) store for $5000 /month
- 12000 sqft (1200 sqm) office for $15,000/ month

And when they asked my what I was looking for, my response was:
- 300 sqft and I can pay $700 a month!

And their response was: you'd better go with the street corner!

Then I said: but that store has been collecting dust for 5 years now. $700/month is better than nothing!

And they said: for $700/month we are not willing to open the water valve and hook up electricity for you!

and I said: fine!

So, there we go again! Except for the scorching heat this summer, the street corner suits my purpose! and I don't have to dish out $700 a month for three months! Plus, that would be the only spot where I can have "visibility". (a political term and a requirement for a successful campaign location)

Does anyone know how I can purchase a battery to hook up my printer and recharge the laptop at the street corner?


At 5:19 p.m., Blogger Leili said...

I am laughing out loud in my office!

I don't know the answer to your question. I wish I did!

At 1:12 a.m., Anonymous Mona said...

I'm sorry honey... but I'm sure that you'll find a way around it! :)

Just remember not to put that sign down! ;)


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