Monday, November 27, 2006

December 3

We immigrated to Canada as a family on December 3, 1998. Although I had travelled to Canada the previous year, Dec 3, had a whole new meaning.

It has been 8 years. What a journey!

It takes a year before you have a job, get into school, learn how to get around town, where to shop, and even how to make new friends. It takes another year to learn how to socialize with your new friends.

It takes 2 years before you can plan a career path.

It takes 3 years to become a citizen and 4 years before you can have a Canadian passport in your hands. In less than 5 years you feel at home, vote in the elections for the first time and call yourself a Canadian.

Somewhere along the way, you become an activist and before you know it, you run for political office.

I am very grateful.


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