Tuesday, November 28, 2006


So apparently most religions consider women or women's sexual power evil! Well, it is not such a surprise. Prophets were always male!

But I have been thinking about it:

The story of Adam and Eve and how apparently Eve convinced Adam to eat the apple and we all ended up here! The story of Cain and Abel and how they killed each other (first murder ever committed) over women! The story of Joseph and Zoleikha and how she seduced him....etc

You know what? I am tired of the bullshit!

Did anyone ever talk about the weak personality, sex-maniac idiots who couldn't think straight and made all the wrong choices in the history of mankind?

Who is the weaker gender now?

Seducation? Seduction my ass!



At 2:16 p.m., Blogger Jackal said...

bahar joon, mishe begi jaryan chie?!

At 2:32 p.m., Blogger Bahar said...

Nothing....I just remembered some good old days of highschool...and the islamic teachings....

man! How did I ever believe them?

At 6:59 p.m., Blogger Jackal said...

i wonder too, how did you believe them?!


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