Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Today I want to finally be a little dramatic and grieve, not for my grandma, but for a little baby!

It is not so simple. How do I know? Well, I just know. Perhaps because I am a woman and once, long time ago I thought I could be pregnant.

The moment you feel the presence of a new life inside you, will be one of the biggest moments in your entire life. You feel more alive than ever, more important than ever and luckier than ever.

Maybe not the first week or two, but soon your start talking to your baby. You get close to your baby and eventually after a couple of months you love your baby more than anything you have ever loved.

But what if you never get to see your baby? What if your baby stops living? What if your baby is gone? Wouldn't you feel empty, sad and depressed? Wouldn't you feel that your heart has died?

Niloo joon, I bet it hurts. It must be the saddest thing ever happened to you. I am sure you keep asking yourself "why me? why my baby?".

It sucks! It is painful.

I hope you do not blame yourself. I hope you realize that there is always a next time. I hope you realize that one day you will make the best mom in the world.

Niloo joon, it is just a metter of time. I know it is hard right now, what when you finally have a baby, she/he will be loved more than any other baby.


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