Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's all about love!

I don't know if you guys who know me well think I am a wuss/sucker or pretty much heartless.

But I think I have always been a wuss all my life! You can talk me into anything, you just need to ask!

My coworker was 2-hours late this morning, so I paniced, called his cell phone and when he came in (looking all awfull) I offered to buy him some hot chocolate and cheer him up.

Why? Because I am a big sucker and cannot see him upset.

Of course he said no, which almost made me cry, but again got me thinking.

Why do I love kids? Why have I always thought that I want to adopt a child? because I am just a big sucker for love!

Great! It is official!


At 2:38 p.m., Blogger Leili said...

I know exactly what you mean :)
I am working on it...

I think the need to be loved is the need of approval which is because of "dependency" to others, which is the main problem of Persian culture. Most Persian do a lot of things for others, not because they love them, but because they want others to love them. Can you see the problem? This emptiness inside us, is eating all of us alive. People having children and never setting them free and letting them be is because of that too.

You are smart to see it in yourself and brave to admit to it, 99% of people never get here.


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