Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Boys and Girls,

The mysterious allergy is back in my life.

I think Mona should remember that in grade 9, I was absent half the year, as funny things happened to me.

About 14 years later, the mysterious skin rash has come back to haunt me, or there are bed bugs in my apartment.

I changed the sheets, moved the bed, vacuumed every corner in the apartment and I am pretty sure I didn't see any insects.

Any how, I am all itchy and I sleep with ice-packs on my rashes!


At 2:13 p.m., Blogger Leili said...

oh, no!
That's too bad.

I don't know if I want anything back from 14 years ago, let alone an unknown allergy.

At 4:18 p.m., Blogger Bahar said...


I am worried about you. What are you doing in CA?

There is a funny story that I need to tell you guys, but I have a to wait for a few days.

I might have an idea where the bed bugs might have come from!

At 6:29 p.m., Blogger Leili said...

I'm sending you an email today. HELP!


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