Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why winter sucks!

- By the time I leave work, the sun has set.
- In the morning, it is too cold to wear something nice, so I have no motivation to get out of bed!
- I have been alternating between my two muddy boots for the past few weeks.
- Walking outside is not much of a choice, so we hide in our smelly cubicles during the day.
- My hair spends too much time underneath my toque and looks flat all day.
- My skin feels damaged and rough (hands, feet, face)
- I crave hot chocolate and latte all day, which are high in calories!
- I hop in taxi-cabs all the time and it is costing me too much money!

On the upside, on Sundays all you feel like doing is cuddling under the covers. That is only if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Otherwise, you are screwed!


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