Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hillary is Back!

I am very happy with the results in New Hampshire. I have always admired Hillary Clinton and wanted to see her victory. While I understand the world's excitement for Barack Obama, strategically speaking, I believe Hillary's win is the one that could result in a sure Democrat win in the presidential race.

Why do I think the Obama Factor could bring another republican term?

My prediction is that John McCain will win the republican race. He is a seasoned and capable politician who could potentially redeem the Republicans reputation and come back with a strong national campaign.

Obama's win on the Democratic side is very ideal in so many ways, mostly because he is not white and will soften the image of the United States in the world, and could restore the faith of voters in young politicians. However, Obama winning the presidential race over John McCain will be very difficult, if not unlikely. We all know why.

Hillary's win will still make history, bring a lot of change and soften the image of the United States in the International arena because she is a woman, but perhaps not as much as a black man with a middle name "Hussein" would do.

BUT there is too much at stake: A Sure Victory for the Democratic Party.

That's why Hillary is your man, ehem, woman!

UPDATE: Predictions call for Richardson's support going to Hillary once he drops out. It is up to Edwards now. how long he wants to stay in the race, and whose VP he chooses to be, will determine the winner.

Here you can read Globe and Mail columnist John Ibbitson's response to my question:

Mr. Ibbitson: Mr. Edwards will stay in the race, at least until Super Tuesday. As for Mr. Richardson, we are awaiting his decision. But I don't think either candidate could influence greatly the decision of their supporters. Where those supporters will go, of their own volition, is a great unanswered question.


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