Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The New Class

You may want to call them Bobos like David Brooks does in Bobos in Paradise: Bourgeoisie-Bohemians. Or you can call them the creative class like Richard Florida does in The Rise of the Creative Class:

"David Brooks offers a clever report of the new upper class, the Bobos - bourgeois bohemians. Capitalism`s bourgeois world and bohemian counterculture used to be two separate entities. The grey-suit-wearing, church-going bourgeois worked for corporations and were 1980s resourceful yuppies. The bohemians were artists and intellectuals whose values characterized the radical 1960s. Now the two have fused. It`s difficult to tell the artists from the bankers." writes the editor of Indigo-Chapters. Florida's work suggests that a new or emergent class, made up of knowledge workers, intellectuals and artists is a rising economic force (creative economy) around the world.

In simple temrs, we are talking about the educated upper middle class that has been transformed by the knowledge-based economy of major urban centres.

They are creative like the bohemians and they like a sophisticated life-style like the bourgeois, but what I would like to know is how their belief system (religious practice) has been transformed alongside their life style.

The more I analyze this, I see a mainly socially left and fiscally right population that has long given up the small town mentality of divine intervention and adopted a world view of "self-intervention".

Would be great to see if Richard Florida would ever touch the sensitive topic of religion through his blog.


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