Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Old Year, New Year


- Canadian Dollar sored to new heights
- Conrad Black was convicted
- Robert Pickton trial (Canada's most notorious killer) ended and he was convicted
- Schreiber-Mulroney affair was probed
- Ontario Provincial Elections: Liberals won, First Iranian-Canadian got elected to parliament

- Tony Blair stepped down in UK
- Nicolas Sarkozy was elected in France and shortly after, divorced his wife
- Iranian President travelled to US and spoke at UN and Columbia University
- Argentina elected its first female president
- Turmoil in Pakistan: Musharraf announced state of emergency, Benazir Bhutto went back and was assassinated


- Federal election: will the Conservatives win a majority?
- Will the Liberal Leader Stephan Dion show any leadership or be forced to step down?
- Recession: will we see one in Canada? Where is the manufacturing sector heading?
- Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan: will the death toll reach an end?
- How will Ontario face the energy crisis? Will we see another nuclear plant or fight over "clean coal"?

- Will United States of America see its first female or black president?
- Will North America face a major market crash?
- Where is the Middle East heading? Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Israel? More instability and turmoil than before? OR just business as usual?
- Environmental Agreements: will Kyoto survive, or be replaced by another treaty or forgotten all together?
- How will the Energy Crisis and Price of Oil impact the world and world politics?


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