Monday, February 11, 2008

Why the Left is screwed!

My biggest apologies to my readers who are still here (1 or 2?) despite my absence. I was at a very intense 3-week training course that finally finished today with the exam on all things legal and illegal about the Environment. Next time you throw garbage on the street or not recycle your waste, I might just write you a ticket!

Following up on the US primaries, I am feeling less and less confident about the Democratic race. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are going head to head and this trend will continue until the convention in August, when they will call in the Super Delegates! Whatever the result is, by then, the party has fractured over this rivalry that may not be able to heal fast enough to face a strong candidate like John McCain in the national election.

Say whatever you want, but I really don't see it pretty as this rivalry gets tighter and tighter.

On a different note, the Feds in Canada are gearing up for election, and that's no good news. Liberals are divided over all issues, especially those that might just trigger the election, such as "Canadian Troops in Afghanistan". The Liberal leader (Stephan Dion) is not exactly a very politically charming character, either. So, only outcome of a spring election is millions of dollars from the pockets of tax-payers and either another minority Conservative Parliament or a Majority Conservative Parliament.

Not depressed yet?

Check out the Grammy Awards: 8 Awards for Amy Winehouse! Feist? None!


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