Tuesday, March 04, 2008

20 something!

I only have a week or two left before my last birthday as a "20 something" yr-old woman. I also have another week or so before I become a Suburban Girl!

The City Gal will soon be starting a new job as an Environmental Consultant in one of Toronto's busy/commercial suburbs, and since she does not believe in commuting, she is moving to the area as well. She will be closer to her parents (as well as pretty much all relatives) who have lived in the area for some time.

She will miss the hustle and bustle of The City, the Subway trains and yellow taxi cabs. Instead, she has got a new friend: Lola (that was just picked up from the dealership last week).

All jokes aside, my very last few days at the current job leave me with a heavy heart. I have enjoyed my job and cherished all friendships I ever made here.

Saying goodbye to life as a 20-something year old City Girl will be hard. Very hard.

Is it ever a good thing to wish for time to STOP?


At 11:33 a.m., Blogger Jackal said...

so i suppose you'll have to change the title of the blof to "da country gal", right?! [;)]

At 11:42 a.m., Blogger Maryam M said...

Have you bought a car, Bahar?
If so, congratulations!


At 12:33 p.m., Blogger The City Gal said...

Thanks :) I have named her Lola (since I always wanted a puppy called Lola!)

At 9:27 a.m., Blogger The City Gal said...


Someone you know (from Chicago)was here on the weekend. Oh boy, I have got dirt for you!

At 9:11 a.m., Blogger Jackal said...

oh shoot, i'll give you a call at some point!

At 10:38 a.m., Blogger Jackal said...

First Love

Joe pulled over the car by the side of the road and showed Kevin where he'd first had sex.
"It was right down there by that tree. I remember the day plainly. It was a warm summer day. She and I were so much in love. We walked down to the tree and made love for hours,"
Joe recalled.
"That sounds wonderful," said Kevin.
"Yes. It was ok until I looked up and noticed her mother was standing right there watching us."
"Oh my God!!! What did her mother say when she saw you making love to her daughter?".....
"Baaaaaaa." said Joe.


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