Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Women in Politics

Introducing 2 books by Cokie Roberts:

Founding Mothers

In the histories of the American Revolution, much has been written about America's founding fathers, those brave men who signed the Declaration of Independence, battled the British, and framed the Constitution. Yet the wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters who supported, encouraged, and even advised them have been virtually ignored.

In Founding Mothers, New York Times bestselling author Cokie Roberts brings to light the stories of the women who fought the Revolution as valiantly as the men, sometimes even defending their very doorsteps from British occupation.

Drawing upon personal correspondence and private journals, Founding Mothers brings to life the everyday trials, extraordinary triumphs, and often surprising stories of Abigail Adams, Mercy Otis Warren, Deborah Reed Franklin, Eliza Pinckney, Martha Washington, and other patriotic and passionate women, each of whom played a role in raising our nation.

Ladies of Liberty

In Founding Mothers, Cokie Roberts paid homage to the women who helped establish our nation. Now she continues the story of more remarkable women and their achievements in moving the fledgling nation foward, from the election of John Adams in 1796 to the election of Andrew Jackson in 1828.

Roberts reveals the often surprising and compelling stories of determined and passionate woman who courageously faced the challenges of times and laid the groundwork for a better society, including: Dolley Madison, the strong-willed woman whose bravery and insight shaped the new capital of Washington, DC, during peace and war. Thoedosin Burr, Aaron Burr's devoted daughter, a brilliant, independent, highly educated, and freethinking woman ahead of her time who was groomed for greatness by her doting father.

Barack Obama on The View 2 weeks ago:

Women: Would Michelle sit on cabinet meetings?
Obama: No, she has no interest in that. She has her priorities straight. She would like to take care of the children.


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