Tuesday, April 01, 2008

When does it end? (by Paisley)

I swear these days at The City Gal headquarters things are pretty depressing.

The City Gal is all hung up on the purpose of life and meaning of being, etc. If she hadn't ruled it out, I would have gone with the PMS diagnosis, but I am afraid her problem is rather deep!

I am not sure whether I was invited here to write or become her personal shrink! I would like to charge $80/hour that apparently she used to pay Louis for this purpose! Shout out to Louis!

What I don't understand is that why she is not capable of enjoying her life the way it is. I know people that would kill to have an engineering degree, a good job and a supportive family. But no! She is looking for some sort of promised land, or utopia, if you will. Or I think she is searching for this "special thing" that she wants to define her life with. Until then, I have to sit here and listen to her complain!

Can't we just define life by living it? No, here at The City Gal headquarters we need to find this magic trick that she wants to perform so that her "being alive" is worth it. Worth what? Anyone knows the address to coo-coo land?

Between you and me, I think her problem is, for the lack of a better word, a little-something-something. (I will be fired from the blog as soon as this is published!)

I am just sayin'!

To be fair, she is meeting her (masters) project supervisor tomorrow and she has a couple of days to get some real work done before her first day on the new job (Monday). Personally, I think she has really screwed up this masters thing!

Can anyone cue the band for some music here?

I said music, I didn't say depressing music! Jeez!


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