Sunday, May 04, 2008

No (single) man's land!

It's that time of year again. You know, patio season, time to plan camping/hiking trips and fun. The time that all of a sudden I realize: Oops, I still don't have a boyfriend!

Well, it's that time of year again! Time to look for a boyfriend!

For 2 years, I had been receiving e-mails from this dating service: Dinner Works. I thought I would give them a chance, eventhough I was skeptical. I know that most eligible men are married or gay, and most eligible women single and looking. No dating service can perform magic, given those odds!

They had organized a "Drinks for Professionals" night somewhere downtown Toronto. The term "Professional" means "people with jobs". Well, I figured at least you won't get the "unemployed, looking for a free ride" type! I paid my $20 online and signed up (that was just a cover charge).

I have to admit, the turn out was good. About 50 people showed up. The age range for the event was 25-45, but I could swear at least 5 guys were 55 and over. There was also one guy with a toupee, one who couldn't speak English (I can see how that could be a hindrance in finding a woman), one guy that sat in the corner and sipped his rum and coke, one short, bald guy in a tight suit that kept complaining about the temperature and one guy that seemed awfully nice and kept talking to me. The rest were 35 eligible, dressed up, good looking women, talking amongst each other!

About the nice guy, well, he had some sort of an accent. I don't know how to put it delicately, but it was more like THE ACCENT OF DENIAL! The man was so gay, he could have been wearing a pink skirt and it wouldn't be more obvious:

"This lounge has beautiful interior decor! What do you think?".... "I love love your blouse! Where did you get it?"...."I envy you! When it comes to home renovations, I can't event put a nail in the wall"

Well, I don't think "the wall" was the only thing he couldn't nail. But he was a nice guy that insisted on having my number! Surprise, surprise, he didn't CALL!

So, you get the picture! The City is out of men, single-heterosexual that is!

At that event, someone mentioned "eHarmony" and how effective it is. I figured, I could waste another $45, so what the heck, I will try that!

Last weekend, I signed up for eHarmony. If you have seen the commercials, this doctor dude (Dr. Warren) has invented (!) a system to match people based on their personalities!

I started receiving matches on my profile as early as the next day. The good news is that anyone I have ever broken up with, is single and still looking, on eHarmony!

Now, when I say This City is Out of Men, you believe me, right?

My first match was my first boyfriend! Some of you know him. He is the one that 6 years ago told me "you either marry me in the next 6 months or, I can't guarantee that I will still be available" (he needed a visa). As it turns out, he is still available! (he has just lost some hair, gained some weight, but at least has a job and permanent visa now!)

2 days later, I was matched with a couple of more guys that I met for a few drinks 2 years ago. We didn't end on bad terms, but well, we are not exactly socializing anymore.


Who's the doctor now? Dr. Warren is matching me with people I had already tried! I think with my dating experience, I can do a much better job than stupid Dr. Warren does! I want to kill him! Where does he live? in California?

Yesterday, I checked again and I had new matches, one of which was a guy that I had a crush on, 10 years ago. Let's just say the crush ended really fast when we got to know each other as friends. Last time I heard, he was commuting between Toronto and Dubai. But as it turns out, he is out looking, too!

Talk about recycling!

So, I can't wait to find more matches on this service! I have a few single guy friends that will probably be matched with me, on this service, sooner or later!

What does a girl have to do to find a nice/educated/employed boyfriend in this city?

It looks like I have already met all the single men in this city of 4 million, one way or another! All I am saying is that This city is No (single) Man's Land!


At 9:39 p.m., Anonymous Linda Sherman said...

City Gal, I saw your comment on Richard Florida's blog which brought me here.

I also closely follow the single scene because I represent Singelringen for North America. My impression is that there are many very nice men looking for women in Canada and they are wishing women would be more approachable.

Cultures of kindness vary by city so it may be that Toronto is not the ideal place for you.

At 8:19 a.m., Blogger Jackal said...

a BBC website reader comment related to the new Sex and the City feature film ...

Yawn. Let me sum up EVERY episode of Sex and the City:
- Pretentious woman has self-obsessed issue.
- Pretentious woman discusses self-obsessed issue with equally pretentious friends (assuming they aren't too busy with their own self-obsessed issue)
-Pretentious woman has experience that either confirms or disproves self-obsessed issue and writes about it.
- Kim Cattrall gets them out.
And that's pretty much it. Oh, and with lots of shoes.

At 11:08 p.m., Blogger The City Gal said...


Give people what they want!

I know me and my mom will make it a family affair to go and watch!

At 10:18 p.m., Blogger creative-type dad said...

Wow, that recycle matching is hilarious.

You know there must be some guy telling the exact same story out there from his point of view

At 10:48 p.m., Blogger The City Gal said...

Yup! We are all about recycling here :) (of all kinds!)


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